BATH & BODY WORKS Influencer Marketing Case Study

Black Friday Social Influence Campaign

Black Friday is the ultimate shopping season, and with the right social influence strategy, we could -once again- break the records and deliver the offers to the right segment.

Bath & Body Works Outfitters Influencer Marketing Customer Success Stories
Bath & Body Works' Influencer Marketing Campaign Challenge


  • Spread awareness of Black Friday Special discounts
  • Laser target the right segment to increase sales


  • Customizing the campaign strategy with scheduled dates and a detailed plan
  • Selecting celebrities with the targeted audience and interests
  • Scripting the ad brief so campaign is conversion based while remaining relative
Bath & Body Works' Influencer Marketing Campaign Approach
Bath & Body Works' Influencer Marketing Campaign Results


Location: UAE & KWT

Campaign Duration: 2 Days

ROI: 6.3X

Number of Infls/Celebs: 10

Impressions: 9M+

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