NOON EXPRESS Influencer Marketing Case Study


Impressive ROIs and high engagement rates are basically some of the results we achieve for our clients especially when it comes to the outstanding NOON, and once again we rock the numbers and exceed the expectations in our latest campaign.

Noon Express's Influencer Marketing Customer Success Stories
Noon Express's Influencer Marketing Campaign Challenge


The well known E-commerce platform is one of the top influencer  spenders in the region, they are yet to achieve the required results due to selecting influencers that did not engage the target audience.


Our Team made extensive research across the region’s social influence network and recruited over 150 content creators to be at the forefront of the campaign after performing and audience analysis and managing campaign aspects ahead of time.
Noon Express's Influencer Marketing Campaign Approach
Noon Express's Influencer Marketing Campaign Results


Location: UAE, KSA & KWT

Campaign Duration: 7 Days

ROI: 4.6X

Number of Infls/Celebs: 150

Impressions: 48M+

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