Why Dmenta?

  • At Dmenta, you get creative and bespoke solutions that especially cater to your needs. 
  • Since day one, our main goal was to handle the work of some of the most promising celebrities, influencers, and businesses in the region. 
  • Our trusted team of experts helps establish their names, develop their status, and leave digital footprints.

Save your time & effort, and work with Dmenta. 

Why Dmenta Services
Mega Celebrities +1200 Overall MENA
Macro Influencers +3,700 Overall MENA
Micro Influencers +8,600 Overall MENA


We want the voice of our clients to be heard in a impactful way through using the figures that are trusted, loved and own a great reputation in the market with a very large base of fans and followers

Infeed Studio Services (Influencer Factory)

INfeed Studio (Influencer Factory)

Rising social media stars need expertise in order to shine and rise in the influencer marketing world. Dmenta offers INFeed Studio, which allow these aspiring influencers to get all the professional support to shine. Services offered include content creation, digital production, logistical support, and much more.

Dementa bureau (Creative/360/TV)

“Out of the box” isn’t just a type of content influencers do, it’s the main characteristic of this service by Dmenta’s team. It maintains non-traditional executions that make an influencer and a brand stand out to combat repetition that costs influencers followers. Our team adopts a 360 approach regarding influencers from unboxing, to styling, to offline coverages, to production, to creating shows, etc…

Dmenta Bureau Services (Creative / 360 / TV)
Dmerchant Services


Celebrities and influencers promote brands until they can have their own brands! Dmerchant offers a number of services that provides social media personalities with their own line of branded products. Dmenta’s team handles this process of production and launching these brands from A to Z.

Multi-platform Monetization

Dmenta’s team of experts handles and efficiently manages influencers’ social platforms’ monetization from a single point of contact, while advising the best practices, to increase their monetization, and maximize their online revenues.

Multi-platform monetization services

Celebrities & influencers

Amr Wahba
Mohammed Osos
Amr Wahba
Mohammed Osos
Amr Wahba
Mohammed Osos

Why Dmenta

Dmenta's Expertise


Our team offers the essence of more than 7 years of experience with experts from top influencer agencies in the MENA region and worldwide.

Dmenta's Exposure


While influencers are always looking for exposure, our sister companies and partners are always offering Dmenta’s influencers great services that optimize their exposure.

Dmenta's 24x7 Support

24/7 Support

We understand the hassle of managing online presence. Our team is always there to manage content and secure your presence.

Dmenta's Brand Network

Brands network

Only a few agencies provide their influencers with opportunities to represent international brands.

Noon - Dmenta's Influencer Marketing for Brands
Adidas - Dmenta's Influencer Marketing for Brands
Carrefour - Dmenta's Influencer Marketing for Brands
H&M - Dmenta's Influencer Marketing for Brands
Victoria's Secret - Dmenta's Influencer Marketing for Brands
Max Fashion - Dmenta's Influencer Marketing for Brands

Partner with Industry
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