CARREFOUR Influencer Marketing Case Study

Our main goal when partnering up with our network of influential figures across the GCC to promote Carrefour Now mobile app in order to reinforce the constantly growing digital transformation for the sole reason of making people’s life easier and more comfortable.

Carrefour's Influencer Marketing Customer Success Stories
Carrefour's Influencer Marketing Campaign Challenge


In the year 2020 the Carrefour witnessed hyper growth within its retail stores, and wanted to even expand more on its ecommerce platform with introducing Carrefour Now service on its online platforms to focus more on online sales.

The Campaign’s  main objective was to increase customer awareness with its new service and generate more orders with Carrefour Now.


Our team customized a full campaign plan:
  • Selecting influencers with the target audience
  • Gifting influencers from a curated product list.
  • Scripting the influencers brief so the ad is conversion-based while concentrating on the new Carrefour Now option within the social media ad journey.
Carrefour's Influencer Marketing Campaign Approach
Carrefour's Influencer Marketing Campaign Results


Location: UAE

Campaign Duration: 4 Days

ROI: 3.9X

Number of Infls/Celebs: 12

Impressions: 9M+

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