MAX FASHION Influencer Marketing Case Study


Fashion E-commerce in Egypt is ON A ROLL! And so was our campaign with MAX Egypt. Maximum exposure, awareness and conversions were the perfect result combo we achieved with our network of influencers in Egypt.

Max Fashion's Influencer Marketing Customer Success Stories
Max Fashion's Influencer Marketing Campaign Challenge


  • Switching Focus on e-commerce
  • Strict Guidlines and set KPIs for their brand
  • Low user conversion rate
  • Celebrities as content creators


  • Customizing the campaign strategy with scheduled dates and a detailed plan.  
  • Selecting celebrities with the targeted audience and interests. 
  • Gifting celebrities a curated product list.
  • Scripting the ad brief so the campaign is conversion-based while remaining relative.
Max Fashion's Influencer Marketing Campaign Approach
Max Fashion's Influencer Marketing Campaign Results


Location: EGYPT

Campaign Duration: 5 Days

ROI: 6.2X

Number of Infls/Celebs: 13

Impressions: 14M+

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